Welcome to Restaurant FriyaWelcome to Restaurant Friya

Restaurant Friya was founded in 1933 by Isaburo Kawachi with a strong passion to offer authentic Japanese-style Western food to the people of Wakayama and beyond. With his own unique recipes, Isaburo’s passion and authenticity has been passed down to now the third generation. It is our continued commitment to strive and deliver the best dining experience to our customers.


About the Founder

Isaburo Kawachi, Founder, Friya Diner
Isaburo started his career as a chef in Osaka and opened Friya Diner in Wakayama in 1933. He was drafted into the army in World War II, and the diner was destroyed in a fire during an air raid. After the war, he was back in Wakayama, frying croquettes in the black market and later reopened the diner at the current location.


Original Homemade Sauces

With pride as a historic
authentic Japanese-style Western food restaurant
we carefully prepare our sauces
pulling out the true natural flavor of selected ingredients

“Special Made Dobi Sauce”

Demi-glace sauce (brown sauce) - Our signature sauce which differentiates Friya from any other Japanese-style Western food restaurants.


”Homemade Tartar Sauce”

Homemade mayo and hand cut fresh ingredients to create the perfect flavor.

“Tangy Ponzu Sauce”

Homemade citrus sauce - Perfect balance of salty, tangy and sweet. Homemade with select ingredients to enhance our savory dishes.


Monde Selection Gold AwardMonde Selection Gold Award
Monde Selection 2019
Gold Award
Thick-cut Beef Tongue Stew featured in Asada! Namadesu Tabi-Salad by TV ASAHI
Best SouvenirsBest Souvenirs
Minchi-ball Steak featured in BRUTUS, a Japanese men's magazine by Magazine House “Best souvenirs & local food you can order from around Japan”
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Thick-cut Beef Tongue Stew featured in Manten Aozora Restaurant by Nippon TV, a Japanese food TV show introducing local food around Japan